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SAM Participates in Shenzhen NEPCON CHINA 2010

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SAM Participates in Shenzhen NEPCON CHINA 2010

Issue Time:2010-09-10

SAM Participates in Shenzhen NEPCON CHINA 2010

?NEPCON South Chian is one of the biggest and longest SMT trade events in South China that features all major brands in the SMT world; it is a leading platform for brand building, leads generation and networking for global SMT equipment and products suppliers.

??In order to meet the need of global brand economy development, SAM introduced “Brand Strategy” as its management idea and mechanism. Since the?latter half year of 2008, SAM has been carrying out the principle that we popularize our products to all-round market by increasing brand image.The latter half year of 2008 was taken as the preliminary plan of shunt period. Since then, SAM started to?transfer?from manufacturer to?overall?enterprise of diversity, including sales to individual, domestic factories and overseas market.

??In practice, SAM management team realizes that brand is the reflection of comprehensive strength for the company, and is the soul of the company.When an enterprise is still small, its tangible assets is over brand intangible assets, but once it grows bigger, its brand intangible assets will be farmgreater than tangible assets. In the year 2010 when the world economy is bright and promising, SAM participated NEPCON CHINA2010 Aug.31st-Sep 02nd in?Shenzhen, which paves good way for brand-enhancement. During the exhibition period, our products attracted large amout of customers as well as competitors,?enjoying high reputation. The exhibition was crowned with complete success. We really appreciate your support and respect!

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