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SM-5600 Off-line PCBA Batch Cleaning Machine

SM-5600 Off-line PCBA Batch Cleaning Machine
SM-5600 Off-line PCBA Batch Cleaning Machine
SM-5600 Off-line PCBA Batch Cleaning MachineSM-5600 Off-line PCBA Batch Cleaning Machine
CategoriesPCB/PCBA cleaning machine
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Machine TypeIndustrial Washer
FeatureCritical Cleaning / Residue Free
Cleaning ProcessCold Water Cleaning
Cleaning TypeIndustrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Industry UsedElectronic Industry
MaterialMetal / Coil
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Update Time2020-01-28
Detail Information


1.Comprehensive cleaning: For PCBA product residues on the surface cleaning

2 .Automatic cleaning mode: in a clean room complete cleaning, rinsing and drying process, small volume, compact structure

3 .Extra large cleaning capacity  610mm(L)*560mm(W)*100mm(H) .Double design, to meet greater cleaning product size and higher capacity

4 .The most scientific spraying trajectory design: nozzle use left and right incremental type ,up and down dislocation type distribution, and cleaning area of nozzle flow calculation by calculation and arrangement, totally solve the blind clean area problem

5. Standard heating systems: cleaning box assembly 9 kw heater , cleaning room reserved 3 kw heater position, enhance the cleaning efficiency, shorten the cleaning time

6 .Large size touch screen operation interface: stable and reliable color touch-screen, can set cleaning process parameter according to different products, operation more simple

7 .High standards of cleanliness: ion pollution Ⅲ grading standards fully meet IPC - 610 - d (below 1.5 ug/cm ^ 2, as an associate) and the United States military standard MIL28809 of grade I standard

8 .Convenient cleaning agent ratio: can manually add, also can be set according to the proportion (5% 25%) with DI water and chemical liquid

9.Spray chamber structure, double seal design spray room, to ensure good sealing effect (Optional : the machine installation density compensation pump, when the manufacturer cleaning a lot of same product)

10.Diluent concentration decreases, the concentration of compensation systems to ensure diluent concentrations remain in the best scope


Cleaning size

single:600mm(L)*560mm(W)*200mm(H) double layer degsin


Dilution tank capacity




Spray tank capacity




Concentrate tank capacity




Clean mothed




Clean time


5-30 min (reference )


Rinse time


1-2 min (reference)


Rinse times


1-99 times (can setting by requrement )


Drying time


20-30 min (reference)


Cleaning fluid recycling


0.45μm (Micro filter :solder paste,rosin,soldering flux,pollutant)Rinsing liquid Emission filter:0.45μm

(Micro filter :solder paste,rosin,soldering flux,pollutant)


Diluent heating temperature


normal temp .~55°C

Spray tank temperature compensation

normal temp .~55°C


Drying and heating temperature


room temp. ~80°C


Resistivity meter monitoring scope




DI water supply



DI water pressure

less than0.4Mpa


DI water in and out connecting pipe size


1 inch


Air supply


0.45Mpa~ 0.7Mpa


Air consumption




Power supply


AC380V 50HZ 65A


Net weight




Air outlet size







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