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SMD carrier tape Peeling Force Tester

SMD carrier tape Peeling Force Tester

SMD carrier tape Peeling Force Tester
CategoriesSMD Component taping machine
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UsageStrength Testing Machine
Unit PriceUS $ 3,000-5,000 / set
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Update Time2019-01-21
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Adjustable from 165 to 180 degreesThe tester links with a computer for two-way communication
1.CPF-1000 can be easily linked to any types of computers.
2.CPF-1000 is compatible with WINDOWS 2000/98/95 software and easily installed.
3.CPF-1000 has following functions:
a. Key-in operations: Company name, operator name, file name2, up/down limits of the peel force, the setting for delay length of data reading3,length of carrier for testing4, peel speed5, the setting for protection limit6, manual/auto operation mode.7
b. Data Input: cover tape specification, carrier tape specification, sealing conditions, type of Taping machine, testing environment, etc. and all the parameters input.
c. Data Process: maximum Peel Force, minimum Peel Force, range of Peel Force, average of Peel Force, deviation of testing data.
4. The force gage installed in our machine can be adjusted transversely or angularly, andthe testing sample can be aligned easily.
5. The height adjustment of the testing sample can be suitable for any Ko value of the carrier Tape.
6. As soon as the software begins to run, the force gage will zero automatically.
7. The testing curve scale can expand tagging along the data of the peel force and the extension of the measure distance.
8. CPF-1000 supports color printers to produce Chinese/English testing reports and QC checklists8.


Main specification and technical parameter


Test range 


Tensile force speed 


Tension Angle


carrier tape width


carrier tape material 

Plastic and paper

power supply


test length

Max 250mm

machine size






Note 1. Equipped with microcomputer control, our machine provides two-way communication between computers.
Note 2. Data files can be named freely by users, or numbered and dated automatically by our system.
Note 3. The length for the delay of data reading can be preset to cut the invalid segments of the curve caused by not strengthening the testing sample initially.
Note 4. The testing length indicates the testing stroke within the distance of 50 to 220mm, which can be set freely. In the process of testing, the LCD of the machine can indicate the digital value of the displacement.
Note 5. The peel speed can be set freely within the range of 100 -500 mm per minute, showing on the LCD of the machine before the testing process.
Note 6. Our system will stop the machine and display warning messages on the monitor, once the testing data is over the safety value which can be set before the process.
Note 7. Auto mode is suitable for a lot of testing samples; you need only one press to finish the procedure -- to zero the force gage, to catch and save data, to print testing reports, to reset the machine, and open a new file in serial number for next test.
Note 8. Our testing software provides a QC summery report with significant results from at most 20 different testing samples.


Test sample:

SMD carrier tape Peeling Force Tester



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 SMD carrier tape Peeling Force Tester




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