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Samtronik International Limited


Samtronik is a supplier of Automatic PCB Handling Systems and Solutions for SMT Electronics Manufacturing

Samtronik is currently an enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of automation equipment. After more than 10 years of polishing and learning, it has become the industry's leading supplier of automatic conveying systems and solutions for electronic manufacturing.

Samtronik inherits the master-class soul idea---Professional creates quality and puts product quality first. Whether it is preliminary parts or final machine inspection, Samtronik strictly monitors every link, every process, and every detail to ensure that every piece of equipment shipped from the factory has stable functions and excellent performance.

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Samtronik’s Core Competencies Mainly Include


High Quality Products

Short Delivery Time


Customer Satisfaction

Customized Services

International Sales Network

Perfect After-Sales System

Extensive Service Support

Nicolas Liu

Founder of Samtronik

Nicolas Liu

Nicolas Liu

Founder of Samtronik

Nicolas Liu worked in Foxconn and Welco Wong’s for many years as a Electronics engineer. 2010 year start own business with some partners.

We always worked in SMT factory, We conceptualize, design and manufacture PCB Handling Equipment for PCBA Industry to customer specifications.

Samtronik acquired its own 1 building with a built-up area of 3000 square meter at Shenzhen. Over the years, business grew steadily as the company gained a reputation for reliable products and innovative designs tailor-made to customer specifications.

Samtronik has been able to maintain its position as a global leader in the production of automated systems for the electronics-related industry because of strong dedication to making quality and innovative products that help clients operate more effectively and efficiently.

Today, apart from the main design and manufacturing center in Shenzhen, Samtronik has built up a worldwide representation with distributors in India, Indonesia, Thailand, America, Mexico & Brazil.

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Continuous investment in R&D and improvement


R&D is the foundation for the survival of an enterprise. Samtronik always puts it in the first place and invests 5~8% of its turnover every year in the research and development of new products and technologies to ensure the scientificity and effectiveness of new models.

PCB return conveyor line

PCB Magazine Loader and Unloader

PCB Manual insertion conveyor line

SMT Cleaning machines

Excellent R&D Team

Excellent R&D team

After years of accumulation and cultivation, Samtronik has built an experienced and creative R&D team dedicated to system integration, mechanical design, circuit design, software development and other R&D work.

Talent Strategy

Employees and the company grow together, and the employee turnover rate is less than 5%! 80% of employees have worked at Samtronik for more than 5 years.

  • Establish an appropriate staffing system
  • Cultivation of a people-oriented and individual-respecting corporate culture
  • Carry out scientific division of institutions, positions, establishment and functions
  • Establish and improve effective incentive mechanisms, supervision mechanisms and metabolism mechanisms
  • High efficiency, high satisfaction, high sense of achievement, reasonable human resource costs
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