Cleaning necessity 
Why  need  Clean Electronics ?

To avoid potential failures .
What is the Danger ?

Electrochemical corrosion 

What's SAM can offer ?

SAM offer's cleaning process consult and match cleaning agents and flux optimally .
Why need cleaning PCBA(Assembled PCBs) ?

Assembled PCBs may have a lot of contaminants such as residues of solder, adhesives, flux, dust and debris from the
 manufacturing processes undergone. PCB cleaning is the most important process after the actual assembly. It’s not
 just a matter of aesthetics but requires dealing with ionic contamination too. The complete process is dependent on
a combination of PCB cleaning machinery and the chemistry behind the solvents and resins used. There are various
other factors that influence the PCB cleaning process such as contaminants on circuit boards, which are mainly
composed of organic or synthetic resins, ions, acids, solder balls, fingerprints and to some extent, particulates of PCBs. The cleaning is done in several stages. It is done before stencilling and soldering to remove contaminants from previous production stages, and after the stencilling and soldering process to remove excess adhesives, corrosive flux residues and solder paste。

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