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CPF-1000 Peel force tester

CPF-1000 Peel force tester

CPF-1000 Peel force tester
CPF-1000 Peel force testerCPF-1000 Peel force testerCPF-1000 Peel force tester
CategoriesSMD taping machine
Capacity of the force gauge0-500g the tolerance: ±0.1g
Adjustable peeling speed100-300mm/min
Adjustable peeling angle165-180 degrees
Power sourceAC 110V/220V,50Hz/60Hz
Measurable length of tapeMax.300mm
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P
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Update Time2021-07-29
Detail Information

CPF-1000 Peel force tester

Features : 


1. CPF-1000 accord with ELA-481 standardabout the peel force test requirement to

design,It’scan control by manual or PC;

2. It’s useJapan IMADA(500g) force test caput,the test value is well and truly;

3.The testvalue is use RS232 data signal to transmit, It’s make sure the data conversionno error;

4.The softwareoperate use windows, it’s easy and convenient for operation,professional dataformat,the test outcome can’t be revise;

5.It’s can setsample data for time-lapse read,the test outcome is display in time, the forcecan set upper limit and lower limit,estimate automaticly,it’s can print thetest outcome;

6.It’s can storagethe data,building the historical database;

7.The peel offspeed use LCD to display;

8.It’s can bedoing the speciality design according to the customer’s requirement.





Model:                                                   CPF-1000

Capacity of  the force gauge:                    0-500g the tolerance: ±0.1g

Adjustablepeeling speed:                        100-300mm/min

Adjustablepeeling angle:                        165-180 degrees

Measurablewidth of tape:                        4-120 mm

Powersource:                                       AC 110V/220V,50Hz/60Hz

Measurablelength of tape:                     Max.300mm

Dimensions:                                          800mm*300mm*135mm

Weight:                                                 20kg

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