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ResolutionVariable 0.3 to 0.1°C
Internal Operating Temp0°C to 105°C
Thermocouple CompatibilityType K, 9 or 12 TCs
Temperature Range-150°C to 1050°C
Power Requirements9V alkaline battery
Thermal Receiver433.92 MHz
Update Time2019-10-20
Detail Information


SlimKIC 2000 Profiling is Easy

By automating the complex task of process set up the SlimKIC® 2000 makes profiling so easy that any operator can quickly achieve the optimal process. Simply select from a built-in library containing hundreds of commonly used solder paste specifications. The software uses the paste supplier’s thermal profile specs to automatically define the process window. Color-coded signals alert the operator to any out-of-specification conditions.

SlimKIC 2000 Profiling is Fast

The SlimKIC 2000 features innovative, patent pending technology that virtually eliminates the time consuming tasks traditionally associated with temperature profiling. Oven zones and mapping of thermocouples on the product are automated. Process acceptability is instantly determined, reducing the number of required profile runs and minimizing production downtime.

Technical Specifications




Variable 0.3 to 0.1°C

Internal Operating Temp

0°C to 105°C

Thermocouple Compatibility

Type K, 9 or 12  TCs

Temperature Range

-150°C to 1050°C

Computer Capability


Power Requirements

9V alkaline battery

Thermal Receiver

433.92 MHz


See Temperature Tolerance Chart below for specifications.

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