SM-4500 PCB Separator
SM-4500 PCB Separator
CategoriesAutomatic PCB Spearator
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Machine Dimensions1440*1350*1650mm
Machine weight780kg
Maximum board thickness4mm
Separate speed100mm/s
Update Time2020-02-24
Detail Information

SM-4500 PCB Separator

automatic pcb sepatator

Features :

1. With the upper/lower vacuum mode, reasonable scheme can be customized according to customer's requirements, and the dust collection effect is good. (Upper and lower vacuum are not interchangeable)


2. The base plate is fixed more firmly in cutting to avoid the cutting accuracy error caused by poor basic positioning.


3. Special fixture making, easy to fix the products to be cut, to ensure high-precision cutting requirements of products.


4. Antistatic generators are attached to the front section of the spindle to blow continuously during cutting, which can reduce the static electricity generated during high-speed spindle cutting and avoid the damage caused by static electricity.


5. Use safety door to reduce noise and dust and improve safety. Vacuum cleaners are equipped with vacuum boxes (which can be scheduled for maintenance according to capacity cutting requirements or dust collection time)


Machine Dimensions


Machine weight


Maximum board thickness




Separate speed


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