Plastic Reels

Plastic Reels
Plastic ReelsPlastic ReelsPlastic Reels
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Update Time2021-07-29
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Plastic Reels

With various types available, customers are able to choose the most suitable reels for their packaging requirements.

There are various types of plastic reels manufactured as follows :
1. 7" molded reels 
2. 13" molded and welded reels 
3. 13" standard and light weight latch reels (2 piece and 3 piece assembly types) 
4. 15" and 17" reels 
5. 20" & 22" Robust reels 

They come in colours like black, white, blue and natural. These reels are available in conductive, antistatic, static dissipative and insulative polystyrene.

7" Plastic Reels
13" Plastic Reels
15" Plastic Reels
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