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SM-08 Electric Tape Feeder for Samsung

SM-08 Electric Tape Feeder for Samsung
SM-08 Electric Tape Feeder for Samsung
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Update Time2020-02-27
Detail Information

SM-08 Electric Tape Feeder for Samsung

Functional Characteristics

1, Cylinder driving steeping motor to replace the traditional way.Feeding speed and accuracy level,while overall average more than five years to extend the useful life.

2, The sizes you can choose a wide range of electronic components,compatible with plastic tape and paper tape with two packages,2 or 4 mm space as needed.A Feeder can be used instead of the three Feeders.

3, Stripping in upward direction,with covered storage and removable attachment,so as to realize the true meaning of does not need to stop the machine refueing capabilities.

Compatible with the original Feeder simultaneously. Bulk feed without having to remove the Feeder,changeover efficiency can improved by more than five times.

Independent motors with bl-metal gear tape systems. The sensor feedback when no tape FEEDER red light errors.

Safety power cut off swich double protection and avoid power on instantaneous current burnt out circuit while also avoiding the crash caused by the FEEDER is not fixed.

Press control Board with gear switching.y axis tuning functions,exception alam,back and forward functions,Digital display and elegant aesthetic and practical.

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