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SMT splice tooling car

SMT splice tooling car

SMT splice tooling car
SMT splice tooling carSMT splice tooling carSMT splice tooling car
CategoriesSMT Splice Tools
ModelSMT splice car
Update Time2021-07-29
Detail Information

SMT splice car

Product Description:

  Removable 360 degree rotary lift feeder, with waste recycling cartridge, so that your operator to pick up the standardization of another leap.

  Features: the use of flexible, easy to operate, durable, modern SMT workshop is the best choice for material standardization.

  SMT360 degrees rotary lift feeder, SMT new type of clamp, with row of copper buckle.

  The new type of picking clamp with the use of row of copper buckle, eliminating the need for each time to replace the monolithic copper buckle time, each piece can be used continuously 20 times, material exchange fast, row of copper buckle per box packaging 25, Also quickly installed in the pick-up car on the use of its operation more flexible and flexible, is an excellent modern SMT workshop necessary picking tools. 

Details, packaging pictures:

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