SM-505 PCB Separator

SM-505  PCB Separator
CategoriesMotorized Driven PCB Separator
board length300mm
board width100mm-350mm
Bottom Component Limit15mm
Width of equipment900mm
High of equipment1130mm
Update Time2021-07-29
Detail Information

SM-505 V CUT PCB Separator

LED separator machine


Plastic board, fiberboard and composite board under 3.0mm are suitable for PCB, SMT circuit board, aluminium board, LED circuit board with V groove, etc.

The cutting of LED lamp bar has good effect, fast speed and does not damage the components on the circuit board. Imported high-speed steel blades, long service life, mainly should be

It is used in LED industry, SMT industry, mobile phone/mp3 industry, electric toy industry, all kinds of electronic industry and all kinds of industries using circuit boards.


Features :

1. PCB does not move, round knife slips, straight knife moves up and down in the process of cutting the board to ensure that the electronic components of the substrate do not get hurt by moving.

2. With the technology of micro-computer, the program can automatically control the cutting times and the cutting stroke. The width of the board is 58mm-220mm, and the computer can control it. It can store 100 sets of data.

3. Depending on the depth of V groove and tool wear, the distance between upper round cutter and lower straight cutter can be adjusted accurately, and the clearance between upper and lower cutter wheels can be adjusted between 0-15mm.

4. Moving straight knife up and down can solve double-sided PCBA board splitting.

5. Reduce the internal stress produced during cutting to avoid tin cracking

6. Cutting rate is 1 second/1 split, controlled by manual switch.

7. High-tech feeding facilities without manual operation. Reserve ports for external manipulators

8. Use 4-5Pa air pressure without special cutting place; wipe with rust-proof maintenance oil for appearance.

9. Automatic counting function

10. Use Omron infrared light curtain switch for safety protection. When the hand or foreign body is in the knife movement area, the machine stops working immediately to ensure high-speed and safe operation of the machine.

11. The machine is driven by a stepper motor, which can be self-locked and precisely positioned when electrified. It solves the problem of changing the travel point of DC and AC motors when they work for a period of time because of inertia.

12. After soldering, PCB boards connected with several pieces often break the circuit or break the electronic parts. Using this machine can avoid the damage and improve the work efficiency and quality.

13. This type is the feeding extension mode, which can be extended directly to the inspection line through the conveyor belt after the PCB has been cut.


board length


board width


Bottom Component Limit


Width of equipment


High of equipment


Equipment Length


Temperature range

below 300

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