SM-750 LED Separator

SM-750 LED Separator
CategoriesMotorized Driven PCB Separator
Maximum board lengthUnlimited
Separate speed80, 120, 200, 400mm/s
Board thickness0.2-5mm
Update Time2021-07-29
Detail Information

SM-750 Plate Separator

led separator


1. 750 plate Separator adopts six groups of cutters to cut the shear stress step by step, and is equipped with deformability control device. The edge of the splitted plate is smooth and smooth, the surface of the plate is very flat and not warping. The splitting of the ultra-thin aluminum plate about 0.6mm can still control its deformation perfectly in two wires, which meets the stringent requirements of glass tube technology for deformation.

2. Because of multiple cutting, the cutting process is very smooth, which greatly improves the positioning ability of V-CUT slot. Even if the V-CUT slot is very shallow, the circuit board will not appear V-CUT slot jumping out of the guide knife, so as to avoid bad results.

3. Because of the small cutting force of the blade and the use of high-speed steel imported from SKD61, the durability of the blade is greatly improved, and the life of the blade can reach more than one year when cutting the aluminum substrate.

4. Simple operation and fast speed.

5. The upper and lower round knives can be adjusted accurately.

6. The round knife can be grinded and reused many times.

7. The X and Y axes can be adjusted freely to precisely control the tool adjustment and ensure the perfect cutting quality.


Maximum board length


Separate speed

80, 120, 200, 400mm/s

Board thickness


Machine Dimensions


Platform size (2.4M)


Platform size (2.92M)


Machine weight


Platform weight (2.4M)


Platform weight (2.92M)



230V/50HZ / 110V/60HZ

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