SM-506 PCB Separator
SM-506  PCB Separator
CategoriesMotorized Driven PCB Separator
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Machine Dimensions1260MM*615MM*1160MM
Machine weight780kg
Maximum board thickness0.2-5.0mm
Board Width60MM
Board LengthMore than 90MM
Update Time2020-02-27
Detail Information

SM-506 V CUT PCB Separator

led separator

One-time cutting whole board, high efficiency board machine


Conventional splitter can only slice a small piece of board at a time, and a whole lamp strip can only be completed through N times of slicing, and the production efficiency is not high. The multi-group multi-cutter splitter uses multi-group cutters to cut at the same time, and the whole PCB board is cut at one time, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor cost. Customized non-standard multi-group multi-knife splitter can realize automatic feeding and higher automation.



Features :

1. The machine is controlled by a computer screen with a counting device, which can preset the processing output, and the cutting clearance between upper and lower cutters can be visually displayed on the display screen.


2. When dividing the PCB board, the PCB board can be cut by several groups of knives, and multiple plates can be cut at one time.


3. The cutter wheel on the machine can be fine-tuned as a whole: 0-5mm;


4. The distance between the knife and the knife can be adjusted. It is suitable for cutting a single PCB board with a width of 15-20 mm.


5. The blade is made of imported SKH51 high-speed steel, which is wear-resistant and has long service life.


6. The cutting speed can be set to be adjusted conveniently by twisting.


7. No limit to the partition travel;


8. PC plate thickness: 0.2-5.0 mm;


9. The separated PCB boards can be directly transferred out by adding the attached conveyor belt line to facilitate operation, and can be directly connected with the pipelining to reduce fetching and releasing.


10. This machine is acceptable for the partition of PCB control board, fiberboard, aluminum substrate (longer than 400 mm) and special board.


Machine Dimensions


Machine weight


Maximum board thickness


Board Width


Board Length

More than 90MM



Separate speed


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